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As I turned twenty-three (I’m that old! lol) I wanted to share tips on how I have managed stress over the years as a birthday gift. Stress is real, and it could lead to a breakdown. Even with the current pandemic so many of us are going through stress, which is a normal part of life, it will always be there. Stress can come from a financial crisis, loss of a loved one, or a sudden change like the COVID-19 pandemic. Stress is anything that makes you worried. The importance of stress management cannot be overemphasized as one pointer is how it allows one to live healthily. When I am stressed, I lose motivation completely from everything even the ones I enjoy doing.
I use the following stress management techniques to reduce my stress level
- Take one step at a time
- Stay Positive
- Mediation
I am engaged in a series of activities from learning a new skill to volunteering and much other stuff that I do that has contributed to my stress. In step one, I learned to take things step by step. When it comes to learning skills, I broke them into milestones and put them in order of relevance. For volunteering and others, I said ‘No” in a very polite manner for activities I wouldn’t be able to keep up with. I have had Fomo (Fear of Missing out) in the past months, a lot has happened from missing out a job, pitching, and not getting investment; In step two, I converted those feeling of rejection into an experience and plan for the future rather than not looking for other opportunities because of negative thoughts or the “What ifs”. Meditation is a very important practice for reducing stress. There are several ways we meditate, from having our time deep in thoughts or listening to sounds. For this final step, I use an app; “insight timer” to meditate from time to time and it boosts my self-esteem. There were times I had difficulty breathing, I suffered from anxiety because of somethings I was doing and no result yielded, apps like insight timer helped relaxed my sleep and breathing.

I would like to learn from your own techniques for stress management in the comment.

Happy Birthday to me! :)

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