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While business is not rocket science most entrepreneurs make it seem like it because we are humans anyway and there are many nuts to grow, that must not be the case. If we must build something that works we ought to narrow all the energies to one nut.

I had…

Apart from writing code, the core aspect of building software is what I would try to talk about in detail.

Many people(Both coders and non have simple one thing in common; an idea) There’s a problem that you have once faced and you’re thinking of how to build a solution…

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The software engineering path is an ever-growing one that you would not need certain certifications to be good in the field. The only requirement is your willingness to learn, patience and consistency. I think this sums up to “Willingness to learn”

Here are some tips if you’re looking at diving…

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I am going to briefly define a parameter as a variable that holds something and an argument as values(Something)passed to the parameter. Let’s see this in code:

function addition(num1, num2){         return num1 + num2        }
addition(1, 2)


In the above example, I created a function called addition. The values…

An application programming interface is a set of objects that programmers can use to create software or interact with an external system —

Let’s look at the type of API there are and how to get live data from openweathermap to display the temperature of a particular location.

API endpoints, paths, and parameters
API’s allows us to interact with an external system. To put this to mind we’d think of:
- Path

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As I turned twenty-three (I’m that old! lol) I wanted to share tips on how I have managed stress over the years as a birthday gift. Stress is real, and it could lead to a breakdown. Even with the current pandemic so many of us are going through stress, which…

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